Starting again….

So, here I am again. Starting afresh in my quest to get more movement into my life…naturally, of course!

Why the long break? Well, there were a few distractions. New job, new man and my latest project…the newborn baby currently napping in my arms!

A visit from the Easter bunny last weekend in County Clare!

As I adjust to the challenges and fun times of life with a baby and a 6 year old I am still very much finding my feet regarding eating well and making time for activity. I’m definitely starting again regarding Diastasis Recti, with a 3 finger gap (baby boy not totally to blame – the tough new job took its toll on that too).

I’ll spend the next few blogs posting about very quick meal ideas, some ways I have managed to get movement into my life, and then look forward to upping my game and health levels!

This blog is my accountability, so no excuses now!


An evening hike around lake Inchiquin last weekend

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