Quick and easy snacks for kids

Here in Ireland kids go to school until 1 or 2pm and there are no (or very very rarely) school dinners.

I find this rubbish for a few reasons. First, I’m sad my children will never know the delights of custard with skin on, bright pink blancmange (what even is that?!) or battered spam. Ok, maybe that was just my school and I’ve saved my kids from those delights! When they were good, however, it meant a hearty and filling hot meal in the middle of the day.

As it is in Ireland, children come home just after lunch time, after having two very short breaks in which they eat their packed lunch. Meaning they have, effectively, simply snacked. And that means they need a further snack to see them through to a 6pm-ish family dinner.

Cucumber, apple and wholemeal tortilla – on a cake stand
Cucumber stack, salad and crispy cauliflower 
Wholemeal toast with butter, cucumber, strawberry, apple 

Trying to make this after school snack quick and easy for my, and healthy for her, we came up with an idea together! And it’s all about the presentation. Which matters a lot, when you’re six!

In the pictures snacks, everything took seconds, as it’s mostly raw. The crispy cauliflower it a bit more of a faff to make (parboil it, dip in egg, dip in flour seasoned how you like, shallow fry til golden) but worth it when I have the time.

The six year old will eat loads more raw veg when it’s served on a cake platter! Or in a bento box (costs pennies from Amazon).

And keeps her happy til dinner!


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