Quick yet delicious meal…after an evening canal walk

I don’t often get the opportunity to wander around Dublin aimlessly of an evening.  Which is a shame as Dublin is just lovely.

We are in the middle of a heatwave (please don’t laugh rest of the world – this means it is above 20˚ on a daily basis) and on one recent, balmy summer evening I had occasion to walk home without having to rush (rare).

I took full advantage and took the long route home, in the spirit of moving naturally – of course! And completely barefoot (I want to be barefoot all the time!), even across roads.  Your feet really do just adapt and you get better at sensing when you are about to put your foot down on something sharp.

Part of the Grand Canal, Dublin.

I decided to walk home down the Grand Canal – an absolute hidden gem right in the centre of Dublin.  I almost forget it’s there at times, often so busy rushing around.  It’s beautiful, you feel very far away from the roads right next to it, and a hub of wildlife activity.

I walked this section here:

Image credit here.

I loved it so much I insisted taking my daughter that route home the next day.


So, after a very long walk home on the evening when I didn’t have to rush, I – of course – arrived home very late and still needed to make dinner.  Far later than I normally like to eat.  But I didn’t want the relaxing “me time” feeling of the evening to end, so I wanted something good.

Good old Google!  I entered the ingredients I had to hand in the search engine and it came up with this dish – from the ALWAYS BRILLIANT (I do not know how they do it) BBC Good Food website.

It’s the dish from the main image of this blog post and is a chicken, red pepper and almond traybake.  I always have ground almonds in the store cupboard, had chicken in from The Green Door Market (these guys do the meat – it’s excellent quality and very good value)  and there are always red peppers included in my vegetable box.

The recipe states 40 minutes but I didn’t have that long, so I cooked it on the hob and it took no more than 15 minutes from making to mouth!  Perfect!  The main ingredients were  flavoured with fennel seed, cumin and smoked paprika, as well as a generous amount of freshly squeezed lemon and its zest.  The flavours worked really well together.

I served it with rice though it is substantial enough without, and topped it with yoghurt and coriander leaf.  Quick, felt special enough for a “me time” evening, and delicious!

Was a lovely evening!

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