Food…nailed it!

I love my food! And I used to look cooking so much.  I looked forward to cooking and eating.  I planned it in my head all day.

But somewhere, over the past four years, I have lost my culinary passions.  It’s down to a number of reasons.  I’m just too tired a lot of the time to even go to the supermarket and have a decent range of food in to cook.  Coz it’s just me who does all the cooking, I’m bored.  Everything I cook tastes the same to me! And by the time I get home from work a full meal has to be quick. And I’m tired…did I mention that?

So tired in fact, lately, that I’ve taken it as a wake up call to re-balance my life, very much needed after a year of lots of new things happening.  I’m busy with lots of very good things.  And I cannot keep going without refuelling. I need the good, home cooked food I’m too tired to cook to help me get less tired and get my energy back to do all those good things.

Thus, on the subject of food, and of letting food be thy medicine, I am turning my attention to food for a while on this blog.  You need good food for good movement anyway…

A few small, simple tweaks to my routine have helped me enormously. First…food delivery! I know I blogged about carrying food home from the supermarket as being part of my weekly natural movement, but at the moment I just. can. not.  I want to spend the weekends with my daughter outside in the fresh air, not in a supermarket. And so for now, I get most things delivered.  I got my vegetables delivered anyway,  from here (always very good!).  But I would never have anything else in, other than what I could grab from convenience stores on my rush home (everything has become a rush in my state of tiredness) or from my halfhearted trips to Lidl (which I love – I love its German-ness).  The lovely vegetables would wilt in the fridge over the course of the week as I was too tired and had nothing in to cook with them anyway.   My cupboards are bursting and I have food in to accompany the veg, and loads of store cupboard staples like tinned tomatoes and chick peas.

Tweak two – I prepped the veg over the weekend.  I cooked them all up in partial recipes according to what I had in the veg box.  Last week I made a peperonata, steamed the green beans, friend the mushrooms with rocket and froze portions of steamed spinach.  Ok, cooking fresh and eating it shortly after is ‘better’ but that in’t happening at the moment.  I did it all on one go and every week day I had vegetable side dishes ready to throw into a pan. Side dishes done,  mains involved fish or meat or halloumi – no prep required – all chucked in the over to roast for a bit. Or pasta with the veg thrown over it.

It has made a huge difference!  And we ate well all week, with leftovers for my packed lunches.

The main image features smokey chick-pea, a  lovely simple dish from this ace website, made with store cupboard essentials, plus leftover peperonata, steamed veg, salad and chicken thighs (which i chucked in the oven).  Felt very tapas-y and my daughter liked the choice of lots of bits so she could pick what she liked.

I’ll be adding simple recipes over the next few blogs as I get back into my love of all things culinary…




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