I love my new shoes!

 I’ve never spent money on shoes, been into shoe shopping or had my heart rate raised by the sight of a pair of Louboutins. Better things to spend my money on, and at home (or out of the home whenever I can get away with it) I’m barefoot anyway.

So, when I started getting into Katy Bowman and Mutu and all that I was quite excited to read about the (now obvious) benefits going barefoot and of not wearing heels. Any heel. For all the men out there – you’re probably wearing heels. Your kids’shoes? Very probably have a heel too. Your sports shoes? Heel. Even these teeny, tiny heels are enough to throw your entire alignment out of wack and cause problems.

And the heel is just part of the issue. You’ve tried squeezing your toes into very narrow shoes, right? What kind of sadist designed these tiny, narrow toe boxes?! Have they ever seen a human foot? My toes like to spread out. A lot. Almost as if there were designed that way…

So, I started looking in to minimalist, barefoot style, zero-drop shoes. Bit of a mouthful, but basically this just means shoes that let my feet do the walking. Which allow my feet to move and my toes to spread and as far as possible to feel the ground beneath them.

I bought a beautiful pair of winter boots from here and they worked out great. I also bought my daughter shoes from there and will continue to do so (you won’t believe how hard it was to find non-heeled shoes for my four year old!).

Now, for work I often have to be suited and booted. I have to look smart and couldn’t find flat shoes that worked with that look.  Then I found The Drifter Leather Company and fell in love! The shoes are hand-made and custom fit, which means you send the a scan of the outline of your foot along with measurements, and they build you your own shoe according to the idiosyncrasies of your own beautiful feet!

Since I started wearing them (veeerrryyy comfortable) people keep stopping me to ask where I got them from and I posted on the Facebook community for Mutu and got millions of likes (almost).  And I have 2 more styles on my wish list!

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