The three most important things you can do today

For your body. And apart from the obvious things such as having fun, eating well, etc..

  1. Drop your ribs.
  2. Untuck your tail-bone.
  3. Do not hold your tummy in.  I repeat, do not hold your tummy in.

You may not even realise you do those things.  Well, maybe you realise you are doing number 3!

Think of all the ways you have been told you should stand.  You probably think of ‘good posture’ as a ballerina or a soldier.  Chest up! I would also tuck my tail-bone in to help make my back look straighter and my mid-section look flatter.  On top of that I didn’t even realise that I held my mid-section in too (turns out I am tensing lots of my muscles without even realising it, but more about that another time).

There! Good posture!

Turns our is isn’t.

While what our body really loves to to be moved in a variety of ways, it’s not great when your default mode is working against the optimal nature of your alignment.  That just means your muscles stick there and pull your skeleton out of whack.  Katy Bowman has a useful distinction – posture is about what looks culturally good.  Alignment is about what our body loves. What feels good.

From what I am learning, no matter what exercise you do, without starting from neutral alignment and unsticking some of the stuck muscles, then those issues you are trying to assist will persist.  Or, you will have great abs, for example, but a core and pelvis floor underneath the sic-pack which are not functioning well.

The three ‘to-dos’ above are hard at first, as you are conditioned to do them to make your back look straighter (when really you are only hiding the upper back unnatural curve – more about what to do about that in a later post).  I’ve been doing these three things and it didn’t take that long to do them nor to see the benefit…

Today’s image is of the mundane (some may say) city landscape with the stunning sunrise from a few mornings ago.


This blog is about how I interpret the information I am reading, how I misinterpret it, how I make mistakes, get it wrong, discover where I’m getting it wrong, start doing it better. If you want to create your own moving naturally goals, go direct to the source and read Katy Bowman and/or work with a PT who is trained in this area (many aren’t – many gave me programmes to follow which did my core and pelvic floor no good).  I’ll post more links and resources soon.

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