Just back from a workout, I mean the supermarket…

AKA how I worked out these past two weeks…

Supermarket – walking both ways and carrying my shopping home on my back.

Ninja and sword fighting with my daughter.

Walking the long way to/from work (main photo this post is of the local city park one morning).

Lunch time walk around campus.

Sitting on the floor at home, therefore adding to the load each time I stand up and sit back down (using my legs and not my hands/arms to push me).

FullSizeRender (17)
Rainy day walk

Walking to and from work, often carrying my daughter (changing the position I hold her in frequently) or pulling her scooter along to allow her to alternate walking, scooting and resting. It’s a long walk for her but she is getting very used to it now.  Hard to believe how reliant we were on the buggy only a few weeks ago.

Standing up on the bus rather than choosing a seat.

Sitting on a ball at home rather than a chair. Constantly changing position to stabilise the ball.

FullSizeRender (18)
Racing across the park

Pushing daughter on the swing.

Hanging from the climbing frame at the play park. Tougher than it looks…

More walking!

Changed the furniture around in my house, by myself. The couch was the toughest part but I did it!

Walking against strong wind and horizontal rain (it happens here…!).

Bought a proper rain suit for my daughter so we can go for a daily walk no matter what the weather.

FullSizeRender (19)
The rain suit

Am certainly managing to get a minimum of a one hour walk, outdoors, in each day, which was my goal for the first month. I notice that it’s all about a change in mindset.  I don’t use the buggy any more, so we both know it is not an option.  We leave earlier, I bring a ruck sack if I know I’ll need to carry shopping home.  The little girl is getting used to walking and so protests less (though I always had other options for her so she could get used to it slowly).  Now she shows off and races ahead!  We have better conversations and notice more along the way.  I used to think of the walk home as not proper time together and dashed around, trying to start our ‘real’ time together once we got home.  Now our walks are a daily highlight!

My body is getting stronger and more flexible, but my mind got there first…


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