This blog works

…by encouraging me and making me feel accountable!

This week was very cold, icy and work starting to get very busy.  Plus the little one back at crèche and not used to walking there.  It was always the buggy as it is a 25 minute walk that way…but 40 minutes with a small child!

As well as doing lots of outside walking I am aiming to do some restorative stretches and moves each evening and throughout the day (based on Katy Bowman and Mutu) to unstick the sticky bits in my muscles (undoing the effects of sitting and that phase of doing millions of burpees I went through a few months back when I didn’t know any better!).  Many an evening I felt like just not doing it. During the day I found myself looking for short cuts to avoid so much walking.  But then I would think of this blog and my goals for this year. That was enough; each day counts and is a little bit of progress!

How I get to work…

So, the crèche walk first of all.  I am used to mostly walking to work, even when I lived far from the city centre it was always a good walk after the public transport part to do the crèche drop off then head back to work.  Where I live now doesn’t have a direct public transport route to where I work, and it’s about 3 and a half miles away.  That would take about an hour and 20 minutes allowing for the crossings and traffic.  I do the crèche walk and then take the bus from near there.  You can do it in about 40 minutes if you don’t stop to drop a child off, and I have usually been keen to do it as quickly as possible, especially as the walking part is mostly along a long and busy road.  Now the mindset is firmly changed.

We just set off earlier so my pre-schooler can get a good walk in.  I am lucky that my working times are flexible most days (in my line of work there is a lot of working from home).  Instead of looking at the walk as a chore, I look at it as an element our normal daily moving.  I have been looking for long-cuts (I know that’s not the opposite of short-cut, but it works!) in some of the beautiful city parks here for our way home (the featured image today is of one of the parks).

I bought bare-feet walking boots (from here), but more about those and walking in general in another post. I am helping the little one as it’s a big change for her.  We practised lots over the holidays, walking the 45 minute walk to mum’s local park while we were visiting her. I would often carry her (my child, not mum) for parts of the journey to help her (and give me an extra load to cope with – not such a big problem carrying a 20kg child given my new strength – more about that next!). But mostly she has been a trooper.

Stretching and strengthening

In all honesty, I AM getting stronger.  I started the restorative moves in November and wow! There is a huge difference in my core strength.  A very deep feeling (nothing visual – not talking about or aiming for superficial changes such as a six pack).  Picking up a 20kg child, as I said, is suddenly very easy.  I didn’t realise how core strength affects your arms?! I always did it – I often have to, but there is a renewed ease and strength when I do it.  Sometimes too enthusiastically, as when I picked her up and span her quickly upside down.  Just after she had eaten dinner.  What happened next wasn’t pretty.

As my job is mostly a desk job, I have been breaking up the day with frequent stretches and using a physio ball as a chair.  I think that is making my constantly move a little, and so instead of staying in one position I have created more dynamic movement as I work.  I also took a proper break and left the office to walk around campus.  There is even a 70 minute woodland walking route through campus, so I am going to do bits of that each week.

And that is it so far.  Walking more and more each day.  Unsticking the stuck muscles throughout my day as a foundation to alignment and strength.

Am chuffed – off to  good start!  Successful outdoor walking for at least an hour a day for both of us.

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